Pick-Your-Apples, Potatoes, and Pumpkins! Monday, October 31, will be our last day of the season. 10 am - 6 pm. Last picking bags sold at 5 pm.


pick-you-own fruits and vegetables including strawberry picking, apple picking, pumpkin picking and more at grim's family orchard and family farm
Click on the produce names below for hours, pricing and information.  


We ask that you please respect our trees and plants that we work hard on year round to provide you with high quality fruits and vegetables!

You pick it, you bought it!  Everything you pick has to fit in the picking bag you purchased! Extra produce that does not fit, you will be required to purchase additional bags!  No exception to these rules!

Grim's Apple Picking!

Pick-Your-Own Apples, Monday, October 31 will be our last day of the season!


Monday, 10 am to 6 pm. Last picking bags sold at 5 pm.  

Please check here, our Facebook page, and the Pick-Your-Own Hotline to see if we will be closed due to inclement weather.  

Grim's Greenhouse Bukeye Gala Apple Tree

Now Picking: WineCrisp, Macoun, Enterprise  

  • $9.99 – ¼ peck bag
  • $15.49 – ½ peck bag
  • $26.49 – 1 peck bag
  • $46.99 – ½ bushel bag
  1. Every person entering must buy at least ¼ peck bag to enter the field or orchard; You can mix and match, put apples, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and vegetables all in the same bag, dependent on what is available at the time.  Everything you pick must fit in the bag!
  2. Age 2 and under is free, but does not get a bag
  3. NO wagons in orchard; Except if buying two ½ bushel bags, then can take a wagon in the orchard
  4. Only pick produce that will fit in the bag that you purchase
  5. Any extra produce picked that does not fit in your bag will require you to purchase another bag
  6. One time fill of bags only!
Pick-Your-Own Hotline: 610-841-1417 Finding fresh and great tasting fruit is difficult these days, especially when you consider that most food travels hundreds or even thousands of miles to reach your local supermarket. But during Grim's Apple Picking in the Lehigh Valley season, you can truly get the freshest, all-natural apples possible, straight from the tree itself. Not only that, but it is a fun family activity that everyone of all ages can enjoy, and one that yields delicious and fresh fruit.

Apple Picking Lehigh Valley

Beginning September 2012, we opened our “Pick-Your-Own Apple” orchard to the public with great reviews. Now you are able to hand-pick your apples. Pick the freshest apples with the family, enjoying a nice day out together. We have over 20 different varieties of Apples. See below for the approximate harvest dates. Dates can vary as much as 10 days, earlier or later, depending on weather conditions.

Premier HoneyCrisp August 15 AutumnCrisp September 1
Pixie Crunch September 3 RubyMac September 3
HoneyCrisp September 4 Buckeye Gala September 8
Daybreak Fuji September 10 Royal Court September 15
CrimsonCrisp September 18 Crimson Jonagold September 18
Ambrosia September 25 Macoun September 27
Hampshire Mac September 29 Shizuka October 1
Granny Smith October 1 Keepsake October 3
Rosalee October 3 Franklin Cider Apple October 8
Cameo October 10 Mutsu/Crispin October 14
WineCrisp October 15 SunCrisp October 16
Maslin Pink Lady October 19 Enterprise October 24
Brak Fuji October 24 EverCrisp October 24
- -


Dates and times!

  • Apple Picking, Veggies, Potatoes: open mid-August thru mid November, PYO will be open: Monday - Friday, 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. Last picking bags sold at 5 pm.
  • Pumpkin Picking: open September 10 thru mid November, PYO will be open: Monday - Friday, 10 am to 6 pm.
  • Fall Festival, Corn Maze, Hayrides, Pick-Your-Own Apples, Veggies, Pumpkins and Play Corral: WEEKENDS ONLY (Saturday and Sunday) and Columbus Day Monday, October 10, open September 10 thru October 30. Saturday and Sunday, 10 am to 7 pm. Columbus Day Monday, 10:00 am to 6:00 pm*
  • Kitchen & Bakery: WEEKENDS ONLY (Saturday and Sunday) and Columbus Day Monday, October 10, open September 10 thru October 30. Saturday and Sunday, 10:30 am to 6:30 pm. Columbus Day Monday, 10:30 am to 5:30 pm*
  • Hard Cider & Wine: WEEKENDS ONLY (Saturday and Sunday) and Columbus Day Monday, October 10, open September 10 thru October 30. Saturday and Sunday, 10:30 am to 6:30 pm. Columbus Day Monday, 10:30 am to 5:30 pm*

*NOTE: Last admission tickets sold to all activities is 5:30 pm. *Last admission into the orchard is 6:30 pm. *Kitchen, Hard Cider & Wine, and Bakery open 10:30 am to 6:30 pm. *Last hayride leaves at 6:30 pm.

Pick Your Own Farm

It all started on October 11, 2010, Josh had a great idea to expand the existing Corn Maze and Fall Festival by planting dwarf apple trees for a Pick-Your-Own apple orchard. Within a couple of weeks, he had 3,800 trees and supplies ordered for planting in Spring, 2011. At the beginning of December 2010, we started clearing 5 acres of land and tree line until the beginning of snow season. In March we finished clearing the land and preparing to install 2,200 feet of 8’ high deer fence to protect the apples from crop damage. In April, we planted 60 Sugar Maple and Red Sunset Maple trees around the perimeter of the orchard to give it some Autumn color. By the end of April, we planted the apple trees and put white protective sleeves around the trunks. In May, we started constructing a 4 wire trellis support system, tied the trees to the first wire, and removed all the apple blossoms. The irrigation system was installed in June to water them, and pruned and trained the trees by tying the limbs down. Then it was time to just watch them grow! One blossom was missed, so we only had one apple this first year.

In 2012, we expanded the orchard to a total of 15 acres, with almost a mile of deer fencing. We planted another 3,000 apple trees. In 2013, we expanded the orchard again for a total of 26 acres, with over a mile and a quarter of deer fencing, and planted another 4,300 trees. In 2014, we added another 4,300 trees and in 2015, added 3,000 more trees. Each year we have added more trees, with over 30,000 dwarf apple trees on a trellis system, literally creating a wall of apples. We have over 20 varieties of apples for the Pick-Your-Own orchard in the surrounding Lehigh Valley.

In 2013, we planted 2,500 Sweet and Sour Cherry trees, available to pick in June and July.

We also planted 30,000 Strawberries, to add to our Pick Your Own Farm experience. Available to pick end of May through June.

2020 was a year for more changes.  We planted potatoes, sweet potatoes, and many varieties of vegetables, all for Pick-Your-Own!


Grim's Orchard is more than just a pick-your-own orchard! We have hay rides, a corn maze, a fall festival, and so many more fun things to do!