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Grim's Orchard and Family Farms

Quality Produce and Family Fun for the entire Lehigh Valley

What’s Happening Now?

Our Corn Maze and Fall Festival has come to an end, but we are still opened for Pick-Your-Own Apples and pumpkins.  Starting Saturday, November 3 to Sunday, November 11, our hours will be 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Now Picking: Enterprise, SunCrisp, Cameo, Keepsake, WineCrisp

Pick-Your-Own Hotline: 610-841-1417


Oversized pumpkin decor in a field at Grim's Greenhouse

What To Do At Grims

Between the Fall Festival, School Tours and Corn Mazes galore, there's always something happening at Grim's Orchard!


It all started on October 11, 2010, Josh had a great idea to expand the existing Corn Maze and Fall Festival by planting dwarf apple trees for a Pick-Your-Own apple orchard. Within a couple of weeks, he had 3,800 trees and supplies ordered for planting in Spring, 2011.

Hours: Opened Daily 10:00 am to 6:00 pm

Produce Tent opened and selling Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, Cut Flowers, and Sunflowers, Sweet Corn, Tomatoes, Peaches, Zucchini, String Beans, Sunflowers, and More.

About Grims

We started at 17 acres of land growing feed corn, wheat, barley, and oats, and raised over 3,000 chickens, and planted a one acre garden. Now Grim's has not only a fresh produce market but thousands of apple, strawberry, cherry and pumpkins plants to choose from.

Hours & Events:

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Tentative closing date, per crop availability: November 11, 2018. For all Grim's availability call the Pick-Your-Own Hotline at 610-841-1417.


GREEN = 10AM - 6PM | ORANGE = 10AM - 10PM |


Fun At Grims